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About us

aba Dimensional Stones plc (SDS) is one of the members of the share Companies of EFFORT, which is established in 1985 E.C with paid-up capital of 76 million birr. The company was established with the aim of exploring and extracting standard blocks of Marble, Granite, and Limestone and, processes it into dimensional stones to sell both in the domestic and international market.
SDS own Quarrying operations and processing plant. Currently, we owns two Marble  (Ditchinama and Adigolagul), five Granite (Adi-Eleni, Chilla, Dura ,Miteum and Emba-madre) and two Limestone (Togoga and Messebo) quarry sites.

The processing plant is located in Adwa, Tigray and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery which have an annual production capacity of more than 242,000 meter square of marble, limestone, granite, and Saba special, and 60,000 meter square of terrazzo tiles.

We produce quality,attractive and strong marble,granite,limestone,normal terazzo ,special terazzo much more

Our Quality Policy is

Considering the context of the organization, Our company is committed to deliver dimensional stone products that consistently meet quality standards, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and, needs and expectations of interested parties by establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015. Our company is also committed to improve profitability and company growth through training, engagement, motivation and empowerment of our employees at all levels and use of appropriate technology.

Our Vision is

To be the leading dimensional stone manufacturer in east Africa by 2030

Our Mission is

Committed to produce and provide a wide range of quality dimensional stone products, through a dynamic workforce to satisfy the desires of all stockholders.

SDS core values are

Customer oriented
Sense of ownership
Impact creation 


Contact Us

Saba Dimensional Stones P.L.C

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