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Currently the company owns more than nine quarries ,which covers a total area of 124 hectars , from which five of them are producing Granite ,and the remaining Marble and Limestone.All the quarry sites are located in Tigray.
  • Marble:
    • Ditchinama -Multi color,Purplish White,Rose green and Dugub gray Marble blocks are produced
    • Adigolagul -Tekeze black block-Unique to SDS ,is produced

  • Granite

    • Adi-Eleni-Adieleni granite block is produced
    • Chilla-Chilla granite block is produced
    • Dura -Axum Granite block is produced
    • Miteum -Green Granite block is produced
    • Emba-madre -Semien Pink granite block is produced

  • Limestone

    • Togoga-Togogo limestone blockis produced
    • Messebo- Messebo limestone blockis produced


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