Is a Right Angle USB C to C Cable Reliable?


A USB-C is a connecting cable with a reduced connector; it is excellent for your mini personal computer connections. The high quality USB c cable has matching connectors on both sides, making it easy to connect the cables without a specific orientation. The USB-C to C cable has a C-connector on each side. It is ideal for transferring video and audio signals and fast charging. While USB-C to C cables are highly reliable, the right angle USB-C to C cables looks very promising. Visit the Ugreen site for some quality and certified USB C to C right angle cables.

Advantages of buying right angle USB C to C cable for your device

If you are keen on how the different cables look, you’ll appreciate the right-angle design that some cables come with. This design is not mere decoration; there are many advantages that cable users enjoy. When coupled with the functionality of this particular cable, you can be sure of a cable that serves your needs. Below is how the right angle USB-C to C cable is reliable.

The cables assure durability

The top reason right-angle cables came into action was to promote durability. The cables bend to the right preventing them from turning when you plug them in; this keeps the internal wires from bending and eventually breaking. One of the biggest causes of cable damage is having the wrong bends. Therefore, right-angle cables are relatively more durable. If your previous cables break due to bending, do not hesitate to get this cable.

It is an easy to use cable

Perhaps the best thing about right-angle USB-C to C cables is their ease of use. Their right-angle design allows you to plug in your charger without worrying about tugging the cable when it is hanging. The cable is easier to use than the standard one. You will have no problem using the phone while still charging, without the risk of breakage or disconnection.

Offer numerous possibilities

One of the top reasons right-angle USB-C to C cables are reliable is their numerous possibilities. You can use the cables for many things. For instance, they offer fast charging and high-speed data transfer abilities. Therefore, one right-angle cable can perform numerous functions. Most USB-C to C cables provides a 480 Mbps data transfer speed and a 100W charging speed.

Convenient charging

Apart from their fast charging element, right-angle devices offer convenient charging. Their 90-degree design provides convenient charging when your phone is in horizontal mode. The best models also are made with robust casings or housing to prevent them from tangling and ensure their durability.


USB-C to C cables will give you value for money, thanks to their numerous applications and fast charging abilities. More so, the right angle USB-C to C cable is great because you do not need to replace it repeatedly. Their design often prevents the cables from getting damaged, making them worth their high cost. You can now get certified USB-C to C cables at the Ugreen site and enjoy the convenience.


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