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Welcome to Saba Dimensional Stones

The all new, modern ,quality,attractive and strong marble,granite,limestone production company



m We are producing quality Marble tiles ,starting from our startup, from our own two Quarrry sites:Ditchinama and


We are producing our quality Limestone from our two Quarries. [lightbox


We are producing quality Granite products from our five quarries. The following pictures show our sample Granite

Processing Plant

The processing plant is located in Adwa, Tigray and equipped with state-of-the-art machineries like ,Pellegrini

Saba Products


We are producing three catagories of Marbles: Multicolo,Dgub and Tekeze black. Each of them again have different varieties.


We are producing four catagories of Granites: Aksum,Chilla ,Green and Pink. Each of them again have different varieties.


We are producing two varieties of Limestone:Togogo and Mesebo.


Contact Us

Saba Dimensional Stones P.L.C

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